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by Dredyan Johnson on 2013-10-22
When I was a child, I was terrified of the dentist. My son actually gets excited about
coming to see the gang at Dolphin Pediatric Dentistry. Whether he’s getting a routine
cleaning, or even when he got his cavity filled, he always assures me that he can’t
wait to go back! From the friendly staff, to the state of the art equipment, the tv’s on
the ceiling (his fav), and of course the game room and the treasure box, DPD is the
Disneyland of dentists and it’s why we keep coming back. Thanks to you all!

by Scarlett Ikuta on 2016-12-05
Absolutely fantastic service. Quick, amenable, to the point, on time, understanding
and compassionate about their work. I was blown away by this office. I have already
recommended it to four different people in the last week!

by Noah Travis on 2016-12-05
Dr.Keller and his team are always excellent! Our community is fortunate to have them
here in Encinitas.

by Anon on 2016-12-02
Dr. Keller and his staff are stellar! Highly recommend this office !

by Perry Hahn on 2016-12-02
Dr. Keller and his staff are far and away the best pediatric dentist office we have been
associated with. Although his costs are higher than average, the kind staff, superior
service and excellent facility really translate into a valuable experience. The kids
actually look forward to going to the dentist!!

by Anon on 2016-11-16
The best dentist and staff!!! We have been Going for years and the dedication and
Care is the highest standard.

by Trenton Wilson on 2016-10-31
Wonderful office staff!

by Riley Malkon on 2016-10-20
Staff was prepared and on time. Always a pleasant experience

by Alysse Ohanian on 2016-10-18
Another wonderful experience with Dr. Keller and his staff! Dr. Keller has been my
children’s pediatric dentist for over 10 years now. Thank you for taking such great
care of my children’s teeth. I always know they are in good hands!!

by Paycee McMillan on 2016-10-08
Great visit again!

by Anon on 2016-10-06
My 6 year old had her first cavity. She was given Novocaine, and had no idea she
even received a shot! Dr. Keller and Kathy are so amazing with my kids, I couldn’t
imagine going anywhere else!

by Sparrow Suter on 2016-10-04
Dr. Keller went out of his way to gaurentee my family had a great expirence. His
kindness speaks volumes in a vulnerable situation like ours. My three year old had to
undergo an extensive procedure and there was no other Dr. We trusted more.

by Will Glancy on 2016-09-26
I like Dr. Keller’s conservative approach.

by Lauren Slezak on 2016-09-21
I love Dr. Keller, but more importantly…. all four of my children love Dr. Keller and his
crew. He is the youngest pediatric dentist in San Diego to have earned his Diplomat
credential in Pediatric Dentistry. He relates well with children and makes them feel
safe while in his care.

by Anon on 2016-09-20
I would highly recommend Dr. Keller and his staff. My daughter is 17 and no longer
really needs a pediatric dentist, but wishes she could stay at Dr. Kellers forever.

by Walter Trostler on 2016-08-25
Hygenist really, really, really showed my 13 year old son how to floss. This is the first
time EVER that someone really took that time and as a parent, he’s not really willing
to learn from me. He needs that kind of instruction every time. They really should
instruct this in school! WTH! Oral health is the basis of good health overall. Dr. Keller
was super personable. My son thinks he’s “cool” and that all really helps with
cooperation to get to dentist appointments! Also, I got to see a full view of my son’s
teeth that are still to come in and how they will fit nicely in there and I feel really good
that the braces situation will not be too serious for him which is a relief for me!

by Kenneth Keese on 2016-08-20
Staff is great

by Anon on 2016-08-18
Professional and caring, good with braces.

by Anon on 2016-08-18
Very professional and caring staff!

by Anon on 2016-08-18
The staff was so wonderful calming down my anxious son as he got a filling.

by Douglas Hunter on 2016-08-16
Dr. Keller always takes the time to thoroughly explain what is going on with my teeth.
He also takes an interest in what is going on in my life. He is the best!

by Anon on 2016-08-12
We just went in for our 6 month check ups before school starts. As always, Dr. Keller
and his staff are the best! Professional, informative, thorough and kind!

by Anon on 2016-08-12
Dr. Keller and his staff provide a warm and caring environment for my kids. I would
highly recommend.

by Anon on 2016-08-05
Great care by Dr. KELLER and his team!

by Anon on 2016-08-04
Fantastic service, very nice

by Max Whittington on 2016-07-22
As always the care, professionalism, fun friendly atmosphere is THE BEST!! I
wouldn’t ever consider taking my son elsewhere!

by Anon on 2016-07-15
Dr. Keller and his staff and friendly and professional. My kids actually like going to the

by Anon on 2016-06-25
AJ enjoys going to the dentist because it is a fun, happy. and inviting dental office.

by Aidan King on 2016-06-22
Excellent knowledge and care!

by Michael Klein on 2016-06-18
We have been going to Dr. Keller’s office for over 12 years, since my son was 6
months. Dr. Keller and his staff are outstanding and we always have a positive
experience there!

by Anon on 2016-05-01
Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and they are all great with kids. Dr. Keller and
his assistant made sure my daughter was comfortable, and she did great-better than I
expected, which is a testimony to them.

by Kelsey Faulkner on 2016-04-20
Wonderful staff.

by Paycee McMillan on 2016-04-05

by Robert Hefferle on 2016-03-24
The office staff is friendly and they provide great service.

by Anon on 2016-03-21
Excellent caring staff!

by Asher Rogers on 2016-03-08
Always a great visit. I feel comfortable with their care, and my kids actually love going!

by Morgan Bajoyo on 2016-02-25
We love Dr. Keller! He is so gentle and so kind and his staff is also caring. My
daughter was SO nervous to get 2 teeth pulled. The staff was reassuring and
explained as they went along so she would know what was happening all the time.
Dr. Keller was quick and efficient and she flew through the procedure no problem.
Thank you for being a wonderful bunch of people. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

by Henry Wagner on 2016-02-17
Dr. Tom Keller and his staff are excellent! Such a great experience every time we go.
Thank you!

by Anon on 2016-02-16
Great as always!! We have been seeing Dr Keller for many years and we would not
think of going anywhere else!! He is the best and we recommend him to all our
friends. Thank you for making the dental visit something my kids look forward to!!

by Kelsey Bay on 2016-02-09
Thank you for taking such a nice, patient approach with Kelsey. She was not feeling
well and nervous about the procedure, and the whole time your staff was wonderful.
From the explaining each step, to the caring way you spoke to her.

by Casey Armstrong on 2016-01-23
Great dentist, staff and office. Very skilled dentist and very kind with his patients. We
love going to Dr. Keller!!!

by Aimee Buc on 2016-01-22
Always the best!!

by Anon on 2016-01-19
My boys (16, 12 yo) have been seeing Dr. Keller since they were each 8 months old.
We still drive 1/2 hr to see him and his office bc of the great care that we trust in.
We’ve never had anything less than a wonderful experience.

by Anon on 2016-01-08
Always a pleasant experience!

by Pierce Robinson on 2016-01-08
As always our visit to Dr. Keller’s was a good experience. Ellen, Trish, Cathy, and of
course Dr. Keller were all caring, easy to deal with and helpful. We had a lot
scheduled for the appointment and each of the ladies helped to ease my son’s
anxiety and made it possible to get through it. Also, Dr. Keller is very detailed in
explaining complicated issues and really took the time to talk to us respectfully
without rushing it.

by Alexandra Heitstuman on 2016-01-06
Dr. Keller is not only skilled, but so great with the kids. He was sweet with my
daughter when she was getting a filling and made sure that she was comfortable and
at ease. We have been taking the kids since they were one, and my youngest actually
looks forward to going to the dentist. She was sad when her older sister got to go (for
a filling) but she didn’t.

by Kai Swick on 2015-12-31
So fast and everyone is so nice!

by Theodore Hunter on 2015-12-30
As always Dr. Keller and his staff are professional, friendly and demonstrate a
knowledgable yet practical approach to the care of my kids and their dental needs.

by Julianna Harney on 2015-12-24
Once again Dr. Keller and crew were fantastic. They are always very professional and
make my daughter feel at ease every time she visits. Thanks again for all you’ve done
for my daughter. Dan

by Isabella Schmidt on 2015-12-24
Excellent care- super staff

by Anon on 2015-11-25
My kids love Dr. Keller and his staff.

by Kiahna Robertson on 2015-11-11
Excellent !!!

by Jonathan Brown on 2015-10-29
Dr. Keller and his staff are top notch. Very respectful, professional and willing to take
a more natural approach. I would highly recommend them!

by Ada Barelmann on 2015-10-15
Dr. Keller and his staff are extremely warm and professional. The office is pleasant,
the service is excellent, the staff is always friendly, and l know that my children are in
the very best of hands. Thank you, Dr. Keller for providing a safe and comfortable
environment for our children’s’ dental needs!

by Anon on 2015-10-15
Dr. Keller and his team are always very friendly. They get to know their patients and
have a genuine care and concern for their well being. My children have been going to
Dr. Keller since they were young. They used to love the TVs and video games. As
they have gotten older (high schooler and college), they appreciate the personal
relationship. Best part, no cavities!

by Robert Hefferle on 2015-09-26
The Iffice staff is friendly and the wait time is short.

by Nicola Templeton on 2015-09-19
Dr, Keller and staff are friendly, professional and informative. My 12 and 14 year old
children have been coming to Dr. Keller since they were toddlers, and we always
leave smiling!

by Alysse Ohanian on 2015-09-16
Dr. Keller has been my children’s dentist for almost 10 years. The office staff is
always kind and professional and not to mention accommodating to our schedules. It
is always a pleasure to take my children in for their dentist appointments. My kids are
very lucky to have a wonderful dentist as Dr. Keller.

by Ashton Ustick on 2015-09-16
Dr. Keller and his staff are wonderful with both the children and the parents. They
make what could be a very difficult experience seem painless and quick. My son left
his appointment as happy as if he had just gone to LEGOLAND!

by Henry Maas on 2015-09-12
Overall excellent experience. Kids are excited to go. Staff is so nice & great with kids.
Highly recommend. .

by Anon on 2015-09-05
Pediatric pulpectomy with additional fillings necessary. So much love from
EVERYONE in the office, we even received a phone call the day before asking about
Nikki’s favorite movie so she could watch while being treated! Dr. Keller and his staff
are second to none. Thank you!

by Anon on 2015-08-25
Dr. Keller has a calming presence with his patients and is very professional. We have
been going to him for many years and we are very happy with his services. All of his
hygienist and front staff are excellent as well.

by Sophia Burke on 2015-08-21
The staff are always so friendly. My girls are never nervous . They actually like going
to the dentist!

by Kirra McColl on 2015-08-19
Dr. Keller has an amazing practice. The crew at the front desk and his techs are
always helpful.

by Jack Benjamin on 2015-08-17
Great Job!

by Trenton Wilson on 2015-08-14
They fit us in at the last minute and took such great care of my kid. Thank you so
much!! Everyone in the office is the best!

by Skylar Ernst on 2015-08-13
Everyone is awesome at Dr. Kellers! They are all so warm and friendly!!

by Mitchell Seipt on 2015-08-12
Dr. Keller and his staff are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They
always go the extra mile to ensure a thorough exam, dental health education for
young patients, and follow up care if needed. I am very impressed that Dr. Keller
cares and educates young athletes about the importance of mouth protection while
playing certain sports. It’s nice that kids get “the safety lecture” from someone else
too. The office staff even pursued insurance coverage questions for me, and
discovered I didn’t have to pay out of pocket for a certain service! I would have just
paid because I thought it wasn’t covered. I highly recommend Dr. Keller and his
pediatric dentistry practice.

by Anon on 2015-08-10
Dr. Keller and his staff are excellent and very caring. I highly recommend their office.

by Liam Neale on 2015-08-05
Always a great experience. Staff is conscientious and friendly. Trust dr. Keller and his
team immensly

by Emily Swarthout on 2015-08-04

by Hannah Swarthout on 2015-08-04

by Luke Halpern on 2015-07-23
Dr. Keller is great with kids and parents. Did a tooth extraction with no complaints
from the 11 year old.

by Anon on 2015-07-22
Dr. Keller is always nice and friendly and the ladies in the office. I never liked going to
the dentist, but it’s really not a big deal with him.

by Anon on 2015-07-14
Dr. Keller and his staff are warm and friendly!! My kids never have an issue going to
the dentist!!

by Arielle Michaelis on 2015-07-14
As always, the staff is extremely pleasant and Dr. Keller provides excellent care. My
daughter is 18 and wants to continue with Dr. Keller as long as she can. My other
daughter stayed until 21 years old. He has educated them and used preventative care
against tooth decay. Neither has ever had a cavity!

by Taylor Turner on 2015-06-25
Love the staff and dr. Keller!

by Megan Honey on 2015-06-24
Dr. Keller is simply the best! We love him and his office.

by Julianna Harney on 2015-06-24
Once again, a fantastic visit to Dr. Keller’s office. All the folks there are extremely
professional and very nice. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Keller with my daughter
on her dental care.

by Troy Tempesta on 2015-06-16
The boys, Trace and Troy, really enjoyed their hygienist; with the short blonde hair
and glasses, I think. They thought she was fun to talk with and that made their visit
better. We always like that Dr. Keller chats and spends time with us. Thank you!

by Louis Bickett on 2015-06-16
Best dentist, staff, office and treatment anywhere. We love Dr. Keller!

by Anon on 2015-06-05
Office is the best, staff amazing– thank you for providing such excellent service!

by Anon on 2015-06-04
The staff is always so sweet and kind…ALL the time! Dr. Keller and his staff provide
such a positive environment and professional care:)

by Cole Duncan on 2015-05-30
Dr Keller makes the experience enjoyable and his staff are really comforting to my
kids. We are really lucky to have Dr Keller as our Dr

by Eden McColl on 2015-05-28
Great staff, great dentist!

by Sam Blakistone on 2015-05-19
Dolphin is the best. Always friendly, thorough and on time!

by Emma Morand on 2015-04-30
My daughter’s 2 front teeth have been chipped for well over a year and we were
never sure exactly how to fix them. Dr. Keller explained to us why he thought resin
was a good idea and how he would do it. Others had talked to us about grinding down
her teeth to even them out but I was super apprehensive about taking away any part
of her tooth. The resin bonding was flawless; my girly now has BEAUTIFUL front
teeth and has her smile back :) . We also love his conservative approach in handling
cavities/areas to keep an eye on, never drilling and filling without careful
consideration into other options. LOVE that!

by Karra Brunst on 2015-04-28
excellent team and service and Dr. Keller is just amazing. Thank you guys!!!

by Sophia Marks on 2015-04-25
Nice place, nice staff, Dr. Keller is great with his patients (and their parents)!

by Lauren Templeton on 2015-04-16
Dr. Keller and his staff have a talent for making kids comfortable!

by Paycee McMillan on 2015-04-09
My boys just love this dentist office!

by Anon on 2015-04-09
Dr, Keller is awesome as always! Great with kids and very personable.

by Zachary Schubert on 2015-04-09
We always have a great experience seeing Dr Keller and his staff. When we have any
issues they are always able to get us in quickly. The environment is warm and
welcoming and the care is excellent!

by Anon on 2015-04-09
I would not let anyone but Dr. Keller and his staff care for my children! Their attention,
kindness and professionalism cannot be topped! We count on Dr. Keller for his
honestly and integrity, knowing our children are in the best possible hands!

by Anon on 2015-04-08
Very friendly staff, well organized, and top-notch dental work. My kids have been
going to Dr. Keller for 8 years.

by Robert Hefferle on 2015-03-31
A friendly office staff member greets you and a great dentist.

by Jason Rex on 2015-03-24
Dr. Keller and the staff are awesome! They responded quickly, courteously, and with
utmost care for my son who cracked his tooth! Thank you so much!

by Asher Rogers on 2015-03-23
Dr Keller and his staff make the dentist visit so much fun! My youngest son recently
had a tooth abscess, and had to get it taken out. I was so nervous, but my son
actually had a great time! Dr. Keller made him fake sneeze. My 5 year old actually
thinks he “Sneezed” his front tooth out! Brilliant! Dr. Keller also really pays attention
and takes notes, so the kids feel special when they see him. He talks to them instead
of over them. It is so appreciated!

by Anon on 2015-03-14
Great staff – friendly, efficient, professional. Totally kid friendly

by Jack Lofaro on 2015-02-14
Great Dr.-and staff. On time and very friendly. Highly recommend to anyone.

by Aidan King on 2015-02-13
Dr. Keller is knowledgeable and accessible for any questions or problems.

by Anon on 2015-02-13
We have been patients of Dr. Keller for 12 years. He and his staff are great working
with kids from preschool-age through teens. They make you comfortable from the
minute you walk in the door until you are saying goodbye. I’ve always been impressed
that my kids get excited when it is time for their check-up with Dr. Keller every 6
months. We would highly recommend their office to anyone looking for a pediatric

by Emma Hernandez-Jackson on 2015-02-11
Dolphin Pediatric Dentistry is a an amazing dentist office for children!!! Dr. Keller and
his staff are gentle, kind, fun, and professional. Both my daughters now 11 and 14
have been going to see Dr. Keller and his staff since they were toddlers for check-ups
and cleanings. They both love going to see Dr. Keller and his staff!!! I highly
recommend this dental office!

by Anon on 2015-01-20
Friendly efficient and great work

by Anon on 2015-01-09
Great as always!!

by Jordyn Klein on 2015-01-08
Top San Diego dentist. Nice, gentile, and has movies to watch during treatment.
Explains all procedures and preventive care very well.

by Sydney Klein on 2015-01-07
I’ve been coming to Dr. Keller for a long time. I really like him a lot. He is a great
dentist and a really nice person.

by Kai Swick on 2015-01-06
Ellen is SO NICE! I’m sorry my ex never paid his portion from July but she was nice
about it and thank you guys so much for seeing Kai again and I’m glad we will have
better insurance this year :)

by Katrina Zinniger on 2014-12-22
Thorough care. We have seen Dr. Keller for years, and he has always recommended
the best oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal, the best orthodontist, and his staff is
top quality. We will never go anywhere else! He is the best.

by Anon on 2014-11-25
I have a great dentist! He is so nice and so are the others that work there. Fun games
and great tv’s overhead!

by Anon on 2014-11-25
Love all of u!! Soooo great with kids, clean, ellen is awesome too

by Anon on 2014-11-06
I’ve taken all 3 of my kids to Dr. Keller from their first dentist visit. Now they are all
young teenagers. When I tell them it’s time to go to the dentist, they actually say
“Yay!” Maybe because of the TV’s in the ceiling and the remote in their hand, but it
could also be because of the staff who are always engaging and attentive to each
patient. Dr. Keller himself is the same way, he seems to enjoy catching up with the
kids and talking about what’s been going on since we were in last. We rarely have to
wait, yesterday all 3 kids were seen right away with no time in the waiting room.

by Kylie Peterson on 2014-11-04
We had a great experience at Dr. Keller’s office. The team is kind, caring and gentle
with their patients and this puts us at ease. They even gave our daughter a blanket so
she would be warm and confortable during her exam. They really think about what’s
best for our children and we appreciate it so much!

by Kaden Ansaldo on 2014-10-18
Dr. Keller’s office makes going to the dentist a pleasure. He and his team are
professional and highly skilled and the office has a relaxed and positive vibe. I highly
recommend Dr. Keller to anyone seeking a wonderful dental experience for their

by Grace Mullison on 2014-10-10
Great appt. as always. In addition, Dr. Keller spent extra time with us addressing our
daughter’s unique needs. Thank you.

by Anon on 2014-10-10
Love this dentist office! Recommend it all the time!

by Erik Lundstedt on 2014-09-24
Great appointment as always!

by Katherine Knapp on 2014-08-14
Very friendly office and Dr. Keller is great’

by John Miller on 2014-08-09
My kids have been going to Dr. Keller for 9 years now and we’ve consistently had the
best of service with quality dental work. The office is kid friendly sporting video games
and puzzles for all ages, it also has a relaxed and inviting feel. The staff is ready to
welcome you and Dr. Keller is great with kids and makes them feel comfortable with
his easy-going friendly personality. Thanks Dr. Keller! The Miller family.

by Anon on 2014-08-08
Dr. Keller is an amazing dentist. His personable, friendly style would make even the
most nervous patient comfortable. His entire staff has the highest level of
professionalism and takes the extra time to make sure that patients understand how
to follow up with great dental hygiene at home. I highly recommend Dr. Keller and his

by Anon on 2014-08-07
Dr. Keller and staff are so warm and friendly.

by Anon on 2014-08-06
Dr. Keller is terrific and knows his profession.

by Sebastain Peters on 2014-07-24
Our experience is always enjoyable! Everyone is kind and compassionate. They
engage and talk directly to the kids which increases their tooth care compliance!!

by Josie Overland on 2014-07-08
Dr. Keller does a very thorough job. Also, he and his staff are very friendly and

by Anon on 2014-07-02
Always I warm and friendly environment. Who knew that going to dentist could
actually be something to look forward to and fun!?

by Trey Vondle on 2014-07-02
We love Dr. Keller and the fabulous staff at Dolphin Pedatrics ! Couldn’t be happier
with our experience and beautiful teeth !! The Vondle family

by Kevin Moinzadeh on 2014-06-25
Excellent service by all… As usual! Thanks Tom and Ellen.

by Natalie Noonan on 2014-06-25

by Lindsay Burlison on 2014-06-13
We love Dr. Keller and the entire staff at Dolphin Pediatric! My kids are almost to old
to keep going there, but we are going to milk it until you kick us out!

by Josh Engel on 2014-05-22
Five Star Baby!!! In and out, kids are smiling. Who could ask for more.

by Abigail Tosheff on 2014-05-01
Dr. Keller is gentle and kind. My kids love going to the dentist!

by Anon on 2014-04-25
We love Dr Keller and it’s always a positive, FUN experience going to the dentist.
We’ve been patients for 10+ years and he is absolutely the best pediatric dentist and
we wouldn’t take our kids anywhere else! My kids love Dr Keller and love going to the

by Antonio Pimenta on 2014-04-23
Always a great experience for me and my two children.

by Anon on 2014-04-23
Excellent visits and wonderful staff! Very easy to get to and parking available too!!!
We r thrilled to have you as our Dentist and your great staff too!!!!

by Jordyn Klein on 2014-04-18
Great….as always. Just love Dr. Keller ;)

by Katrina Howard on 2014-04-17
My daughter was terrified of the dentist due to past experiences. After a long search
we found Dr.Keller and his very compassionate staff. From making the appointements
for all of my kids and handling the insurance through Ellen, a very accommodating
receptionist, to the actual apps, where we met the loveliest crew, we left very happy
(besides the confirmation of the bad news for Katrina). On that “special” day she
arrived in her pj’s and a big stuffed pet and was allowed to hold on to it, not only
before but during her procedure. I don’t know how Dr.Keller worked around it, but he
did. Nothing was rushed. Everything was going her pace. I was told that during the
procedure Katrina gave Dr.Keller two thumbs up and Melissa was told she is her
favorite. In the evening at home Katrina told us, that it was not that bad at all. I like to
hear that. Thank you Dolphin Dentistry Team!!!

by Brandon Rudman on 2014-04-17
Dr. Keller and his staff are outstanding. I wish I could have had such kind and caring
people take care of my teeth as I was growing up. I might actually like the dentist
today if that were the case.

by Paycee McMillan on 2014-04-05
Loves DDS Keller and the his staff, the kids are always happy when they leave. Our 6
year old can never wait for his next appointment, he loves getting his teeth cleaned!

by Anon on 2014-04-03
Best care as always, Trisha and Melissa are so kind and caring, they really make you
feel apart of the dental family. look forward to our next visit

by Robert Hefferle on 2014-03-30
Dr. Keller makes going to the dentist fun.

by Nikko Mangum on 2014-03-27
Very attentive staff, nice office.

by Morgan Bajoyo on 2014-03-25
My kids LOVE going to the dentist now. The entire staff is kind and caring. Dr. Keller
listens carefully to the kids and to the parents and takes his time with each child. We
would highly recommend Dr. Keller to anyone looking for a great pediatric dentist!

by Indiana Mares on 2014-03-21
The staff & Dr. Keller are so kind. They really care about you kids!

by Anon on 2014-03-19
Great experience as usual

by Camille Lundstedt on 2014-03-15
Dr. Keller is great. It is always a pleasure to visit him and his team.

by Zoe Randolph on 2014-02-19
Excellent service

by Katherine Knapp on 2014-02-18
Dr. Keller is the best!

by Sydney Clifton on 2014-02-13
Awesome as always

by Anon on 2014-02-12
It is just a fact that after 11 years with Dr. Keller my daughter & I still think he & the
staff are the best!!

by Michael Klein on 2014-02-08
Dr. Keller and his office staff are amazing. My son sustained a significant injury to his
two front teeth on a Friday when the office was closed. I called the office and I was
VERY shaken up. Ellen was WONDERFUL. She had us take a picture and send it to
her. She sent it toDr. Keller who then told me to bring him in right away. He was
AMAZING with my son We have been going to see Dr. Keller for 10 years. My son
has never needed any dental work. Dr. Keller was, as he always is, calm and
reassuring. He put me and my son at ease. Ellen continued to be supportive and
helpful. On Saturday the day after the accident, Ellen even took the time to call me
and check on us. She was so concerned about how my son was doing. I can’t say
enough good things about Dr. Keller and his staff. He and his office staff are by far
the most amazing people. I only wish they took care of adults!

by Braden Watts on 2014-01-29
The staff is wonderful with a child that has a very difficult time at the dentist! Thank
you for your patience and genuine care.

by Nina Randolph on 2014-01-22
Service and care is excellent. Nina needs a sealant. Had it been planned better we
could’ve done it on Monday. But we had to leave at 2pm due to work and soccer
practice. How long does it take to do a sealant? I never got an answer. Thanks,

by Anon on 2014-01-20
Great place, friendly people.

by Anon on 2014-01-20
Couldn’t ask for better dental care. Dr Keller and staff are the best!

by Josie Overland on 2014-01-17
Very friendly atmosphere and helpful dental and orthodontic advice.

by Brock Bradfield on 2014-01-15
Dr Keller is by far the best pediatric Dentist in San Diego!

by Aidan King on 2013-12-25
Dr. Keller is absolutely wonderful with his patients. He makes them laugh and get
comfortable, he is full of knowledge for the parents to understand every procedure he
does. My boys love going to him.

by Anon on 2013-12-21
It was a difficult procedure for my son and all the staff was doing there best to make
him comfortable and at ease.

by Anon on 2013-12-19
Great! He was able to fix something that had been bugging me for years at no extra
charge during a cleaning.

by Blake Mccorkle on 2013-12-19
As always my kids have a great experience at the dentist. The hygienists talk with
them about sports and school and also mom which makes the time go by fast. Dr.
Keller is the bomb according to my kids. Always makes them feel comfortable and of
course his knowledge of sports is AMAZING…not just a dentist like some. Always a
pleasant experience. Thank you!

by Riley Parker on 2013-12-13
Amazing staff… Beautiful office…. Professional quality at its finest!

by Anon on 2013-12-11
The whole staff is very good with children. Two of mine have had procedures which
required conscious sedation and general anesthesia and both visits went really well
and they made me feel very comfortable about the procedures and my kids don’t
have any ill feelings towards the dentist!

by Trent Sowers on 2013-12-05
Dr. Keller and his entire staff are absolutely wonderful. My son was terrified to go to
the dentist, and they make it place where he actually enjoys spending time (as much
as a 6-year-old can). He recently had some serious dental work and both of us were
very nervous; however, everyone at Dr. Keller’s office made the experience as best
as it could possibly be. I HIGHLY recommend this dentist.

by Anon on 2013-11-24
My kids love going to Dr. Keller’s office. Dr. Keller offers great advise, and does
excellent work. The assistants and overall staff are friendly and helpful.

by Josh Engel on 2013-11-14
Great as always, kids love to come. Staff is super friendly and accommodating.

by Douglas Hunter on 2013-11-12
As always, we enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and kind efficiency of the staff. Dr.
Keller always spends plenty of time explaining what is going on with the kids and
genuinely takes an interest in our family. Thanks again!

by Morgan Bajoyo on 2013-11-07
My 10 yr old was so nervous to get her baby tooth pulled. LOVE the videos for the
kids to watch to distract them during procedures. Dr. Keller is so gentle and caring to
his patients. After it was all over (quick), she said, “I don’t know what I was so worried
about. That was no big deal.” Thank you for making the process quick and painless!

by Anon on 2013-11-05
Kids enjoy going to the dentist! On time, friendly staff.

by Kevin Cooke on 2013-10-22
The whole team at Dolphin pediatric is great. They make going to the dentist a
pleasant experience.

by Mariela Burns on 2013-10-12
Dr. Keller and staff are super duper nice. My kids love watching TV while having their
teeth cleaned!

by Anon on 2013-10-10
Great customer care, caring and knowledgeable staff, great bedside manner, follow
up provided following procedure

by Jack Ullman on 2013-10-10
The kids and I love you guys!

by Talia Baird on 2013-10-02
The VERY BEST pediatric Dentist EVER! We have referred so many people to Dr.
Keller and everyone is thrilled. Attention to the tiniest detail of a child’s emotions,
feelings, development…along with the parents. A beautiful office, clean, fresh and
inviting. Wonderful and attentive front desk staff. Caring and profesesional.

by Anon on 2013-09-26
Its wonderful to have shinny clean teeth!

by Madison Nichols on 2013-09-25
When I was young, I hated going to the dentist. It was a scary experience that usually
ended up with bad news; however, times have changed, and now I have kids. The
good news is that because of Dr. Tom Keller and his staff, my children LOVE going to
the dentist. They have never been afraid of seeing him, and in fact, look forward to
seeing Dr. Keller. I have recommended Dr. Keller to other moms, and they, too, have
raved about Dr. Keller’s practice. We will not be switching dentists…ever!!

by Anon on 2013-09-04
Ellen was wonderful and extremely helpful. She cared about my problem and took
every effort to make sue I was pleased.

by Anon on 2013-08-23
Dr Keller takes time to know his patient and answer all my questions and look to
future treatment.

by Anon on 2013-08-22
Worth every penny! Great trained and knowledgable staff and Dr Keller is a great
clinician with great chiair side manner with my 13 year old Son and 11 year old
daughter… Made time to seal teeth on the fly and could demonstrate the benefit of
each piece of dental care they provide… They Rock!

by Anon on 2013-08-08
In our experience, Dr. Keller and his entire staff are great with kids. We have had
positive experiences year after year since my 15 year old was in preschool. Highly
recommend Dr. Keller….

by Anon on 2013-08-03
Dr. Keller is always personable and professional. His handiwork has held up nicely as
far as I can discern. His staff is courteous. They all went out of their way to stay half
an hour late to fix my daughter’s tooth after we were delayed by traffic.

by Anon on 2013-07-31
Great Dentist, great service as always.

by Emily Swarthout on 2013-07-11
Love Dr. Keller’s office and staff!They are always so welcoming, professional and fun.
The girls have always had a wonderful experience! Keep up the good work!

by Kirra McColl on 2013-06-27

by Anon on 2013-06-06
We had the best experience with Dr. Keller and Dr. Cotter at Dolphin Dental. In
addition, all of the staff there treated us and our daughter as though we mattered to
them; their bedside manners were amazing for our three-year old.

by Lauren Thomas on 2013-06-01
Dr. Keller and his staff are very friendly and professional and they put kids at ease
while in the dentist chair. My daughter is a teen now, but when she was little and had
to have dental work done, they made her completely comfortable…which wasn’t
always easy.

by Katrina Zinniger on 2013-06-01
What can I say, I tried to get our 15 year old daughter to go to our GP Dentist, as I
told her she was getting too old to see Dr. Keller. She refused and said, “When he
tells me to go to other dentist, then I will go.” She has had such great experiences
(over 10 years) with Dr. Keller, from getting cavities filled to sealants, and all of those
experiences were close to painless. He is so gentle, patient, and his staff is the same.
I highly recommend Dr. Keller to all parents. So, our daughter can stay with Dr. Keller
until he deems time to move on! Try him out if you haven’t already!

by Josh Engel on 2013-05-11
Awesome as usual….

by Ben Woolley on 2013-05-10
Ben had a major dental procedure done and we felt that all was handled
professionally and lovingly.

by Braden Watts on 2013-05-10
My son was having a difficult time with his procedure and all of the staff could not
have been more helpful, patient and understanding. Thank you so much!

by Anon on 2013-05-01
The ladies that clean your teeth are really nice. Dr. Keller is fun because he’s into
sports and knows a lot of my friends.

by Anon on 2013-04-26
Terrific experience as always! You do a great job of making the kids comfortable!

by Anon on 2013-04-24
Dr. Keller is the best. He sits with parents and patients and explains what he is doing
and why. He is knowledgeable and up on all the latest procedures. He is wonderful.

by Gavin Gregory on 2013-04-24
Loved all of the staff and even having the 3 teeth pulled! We are so thrilled it was
such a positive experience! Thanks a million! You are the best

by Ava Bajoyo on 2013-04-18
Dr. Keller’s office always makes us feel welcome and comfortable. The friendly staff
talks to my kids and makes them feel special. Even when a treatment might feel
uncomfortable, they are kind and caring and try their best to put my children at ease.
We love going to the dentist’s office!!

by Anon on 2013-04-18
got us right in. cleaning done, painlessly. Technicians showed areas that need more
attention to kids, for better cleaning at home. Dr in promptly. Thorough exam, all
questions answered. Two kids at once, saving me time. THANK YOU! this is why we
have been coming to Dr Keller’s practice for over 15 years !

by Blake Mccorkle on 2013-04-17
My son had to have a tooth pulled and wasn’t quite expecting it. Staff encouraged him
and the process was painless according to him. Saved me another trip back to have it
done a month later.

by Camille Krzyston on 2013-04-12
Dr Keller and staff are awesome. My daughters actually don’t mind going to the
dentist why in says a lot about the level of care and comfort they get with dr keller

by Alexis Alvillar on 2013-03-29
I can’t believe that after 12 years of going to Dr. Keller that my children are still
excited to go to the Dentist…..yes, excited. They don’t dread it like many adults do
(myself included!). Dr. Keller is professional, fun, great with the kids, patient, caring,
and thorough; he never recommends work that is unnecessary and the work that he
does is top-notch. The staff is very friendly (also professional) and greets us with
smiles and asks personal questions. With many of the treatments that my son has
had to have, they have followed up with personal phone calls to check on him. We
love Dr. Keller and his Staff and won’t go anywhere else EVER!

by Anon on 2013-03-21
Dr Keller is wonderful. Kind gentle and funny

by Kylee Brooks on 2013-03-21
Once again another amazing visit. Kylee loved seeing you guys yesterday even after
getting a cavity filled yesterday. Thank you for always making her feel so special.

by Anon on 2013-03-15
We have always loved the personal touch.

by Melea Vontresckow on 2013-03-07
Dr. Keller has a very open and friendly demeanor. He explains what he’s doing and
why to my 11yo daughter, treating her like a PERSON rather than a procedure. He
explains everything in ways that are easy to understand. And he doesn’t do
unnecessary procedures. Highly recommend.

by Quentin Kelaher on 2013-03-06
I was a little anxious regarding how my 6 year old son would do with an hour and a
half worth of dental work. When he was finished he asked me how his teeth were
fixed when all he did was watch TV. Thank you

by Attikus Byrnes on 2013-03-01
Dr. Keller really puts my childrens’ anxieties at ease. He is so friendly and funny. Not
to mention accommodating for us. Thank you Dr. Keller. By the way, your staff is

by Damien Cracchiolo on 2013-02-27
Great dental office! The staff is very friendly and organized. We were called back right
away. My son enjoyed his visit.

by Anon on 2013-02-19
Always friendly, kind and helpful they know you by name, clean and inviting

by Anon on 2013-02-16
Our daughter, who isn’t even 2 yet, 1st fell & chipped her front tooth, then it got
infected/abscessed over the holidays and had to get pulled… then 3 weeks later she
fell again & jammed her other front tooth up into her gums. Tried to salvage it but
eventually it also had to get pulled and we had a pedi-partial put in. Throughout all of
these incidents Dr. Keller & his staff have been absolutely wonderful to work with &
always made decisions with our daughters best interest in mind.

by Anon on 2013-02-11
The service was great and well informed. The treatment towards us was great, nice
and warm as always. Thank you!

by Jazmin Patton on 2013-02-09
As always it was excellent service!!

by Ryan Peck on 2013-02-08
The staff and Dr. at this office are tremendous with the children.

by Riley Malkon on 2013-02-03
As always, excellent experience with Dr. Keller and staff. Works well with the patient.

by Anon on 2013-01-26
We always enjoy coming to see Dr Keller. Great city. Friendly staff. Always great care
and treatment. Thanks for 12 years!

by Jason Muschell on 2013-01-22
Dr. Keller and his entire staff are fantastic! Friendly, accommodating, professional,
and thorough. My sons love the videos and game room and look forward to their

by Larry B on 2013-01-17
All three of my sons have been going to Dr. Keller for over 7 years and his style is
well liked by my sons that have never been too fond of the dentist. He makes them
feel relaxed and treats them like they are his “buddies”. I wish I could go there :)

by Michael Klein on 2013-01-12
As usual we get excellent service at this practice and are most pleased with both Dr.
Keller and staff that assist him to provide top notch pediatric dental care.

by Anon on 2013-01-09
I love Dr. Keller and so does my daughter. Ellen and the staff are wonderful. But this
last visit we had to wait 30 minutes past our scheduled apptmt. time. That is too long
to wait. It was a busy day for me, and this domino’d into other things I had to do. I’m
hoping this was just a fluke and won’t happen again. Maybe overbooking?

by Anon on 2013-01-06
Kind, warm caring, great staff

by Anon on 2012-12-29
Dr Keller was friendly and informative. The front desk woman was so helpful and
really went the extra mile in finding us an oral surgeon.

by Anon on 2012-12-22
Was in and out in a timely manner. Teeth were cleaned without any discomfort.

by Hannah Swarthout on 2012-12-21
SUPER FABLUOUS! As always. We absolutely love coming here. Have been coming
to Dr. Keller for over 10 years. Feels like family and the girls actually look forward to
going to the dentist.

by Macklin Lacasse on 2012-12-19
My 4 1/2 year old son had a tooth pulled and some additional surgery. Dr. Keller’s
staff was amazing, from scheduling to the front desk greeting, throughout the entire
treatment, even helping me to my car. We were treated with the upmost care and
professionalism. Everyone did what they could to make us both feel very comfortable.
Trisha was terrific from the minute we walked in. Dr. Keller’s calm demeanor helped
us through the procedure, explaining everything thoroughly. You rock!!! Thank you!!!

by Caitlyn Gile on 2012-12-11
Excellent!!! My girls loved the dress up room??

by Anon on 2012-12-05
Dr Keller and his staff have provided the BEST dental care for my two children. The
entire office has worked very hard to make sure my children feel safe and secure
when coming to the visit dentist. They are very caring and friendly while still providing
a professional and clean environment. Thank You!!!!

by Anon on 2012-11-30
What can I say? My daughter will be 15 and LOVES Dr. Keller and his staff. They are
thorough, gentle, and very proactive in her mouth health. AND, they are super
interested in what is going on in her life and remembers each visit. I highly
recommend this office, as you will not be disappointed. I am the Mom, and wish I was
a kid so I could go to them!

by Anon on 2012-11-16
Dr. Keller and his assistants are amazing! They are so kind and did such a wonderful
job that my first grader said he doesn’t really mind getting a cavity filled :) Thanks for
making “going to the dentist” a wonderful experience.

by Anon on 2012-10-25
Going to the dentist is never a drag for Daisy because she always looks forward to
the sweet, kid friendly staff! The time and care taken with Daisy is so greatly
appreciate and we love Mr. Keller.

by Madison Nichols on 2012-10-18
My daughter used to be terrified to go to the dentist but not anymore. She *looks
forward* to going and she’s had 2 teeth pulled in recent years. We will never switch to
any other pediatric dentist. I only wish he took adults, too!!

by Lyric Kenney on 2012-10-17
My 5 year old son has had to go to Dr. Keller numerous times because of cavities and
teeth cleanings in the past year and a half. He has clearly developed trust and feels
safe in their environment, because it’s NEVER “like pulling teeth” to get him to his
appointments. He willingly goes and looks forward to the treasure/toy at the end. The
staff is friendly and helpful and I am so grateful to have my son in great hands.

by Anon on 2012-09-15
It wouldn’t be a stretch to say my kids enjoy going to the dentist; Dr. Keller and his
staff provide a comfortable atmosphere with personal attention. I would never take
them to another dentist; I trust Dr. Keller to make sure my kids’ teeth are protected
and taken care of.

by Jack Ullman on 2012-09-08
Dr. Keller and staff have been absolutely amazing with my kids! My 11 year old boy,
in particular, can be very easily frightened by procedures, especially in his mouth and
both the doctor and his hygenists have been so warm and supportive and
understanding with him. Rene went very slowly and explained the whole process and
showed him the instruments for every step of the process. It made it much easier for
my boy to cope. They really work hard to gain these little people’s trust and prevent
negative experiences. I would HIGHLY recommend this group to anyone!

by Hannah Swarthout on 2012-09-08
Hannah always receives top notch excellent care by the staff at Dolphin Pediatric.
She has been going there since she was 5 years old and now she is almost 16. She
loves to watch spongebob and Dr. Keller is always interested in how she is doing in
her sports and academics. Feels like FAMILY! We love it!

by Anon on 2012-08-21
We always have a great visit to the dentist office. Dr. Keller and his staff are friendly
and caring. His office is comfortable and easy to be a patient or a waiting mom. We
have been a patient for nearly 10 years.

by Nyla Yanik on 2012-08-01
I had both my children in for sealants yesterday and we were in and out in 1 hour.
Both kids only complaint was it tasted yucky! My son has gaging issues and Rene is
SO awesome with him. She is very patient and really helps him to relax. I would
recommend this practice to anyone.

by Anon on 2012-07-25
As always, we just love your office and the staff. The kids enjoy their visits twice a
year and we couldn’t be happier.

by Anon on 2012-07-18
Second time getting multiple teeth extracted. Warm and caring environment.

by Nechama Bunton on 2012-07-15
One more time, it was a pleasure coming to your office. Between the kindness and
the professionalism, we couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for all the care.

by Anon on 2012-06-28
Went in for a cleaning. Found an abscessed tooth and got it pulled all in the same
day. Great service!

by Anon on 2012-06-26
Dr. Tom and all his staff are the BEST!

by Anon on 2012-06-23
We always enjoy Visits to see Dr Keller; mom enjoys the moonlight beach strolls
afterwards. Thanks for the great care you provide for Walter!

by Anon on 2012-06-20
Dr Keller and his staff are so good that my kids actually ask when they get to go back
for another appointment! He has been our pediatric dentist for 9 years.

by Cameron Vurbeff on 2012-06-06
Very pleased with the care and attentiveness of the staff and Dr. Keller.

by Nechama Bunton on 2012-04-19
Dear Doctor Keller, Trisha, Heather, Ellen, Thank you so very much for taking care of
my daughter Nechama. I would have never thought that her experience at the
dentist’s office would be so comfortable, trusting, and successful. The little anecdote
is that this morning she tried to reach for a piece of candy and I said: No you can’t
have it. You need to take care of your teeth. Do you want to go back to the dentist?
She answered:Yes!!!!!!. She cannot stop talking about her dentist and the new friends
she has to everybody who wants to listen. Thank you again for creating such a
beautiful environment. Vanina Bunton.

by Jake Van Der Vorste on 2012-04-19
We had our first emergency dental visit after our 4 1/2 year old had a hard fall on his
Razor scooter and slammed his mouth into the handle bar. He had a mouthful of
blood, a loose tooth, badly injured gum, and he had bitten into his bottom lip. I called
the dentist office and they told us to come in. We were seen immediately despite an
office full of patients at the end of the workday. The staff and Dr. Keller were so
unbelievabley kind and gentle with our son. They have a magical way with kids to
allieviate their fears and were effectively able to treat our son and provide us with the
comfort and reassurances we needed to know everything was going to be okay.
Thank you so very much!

by Makenzie Malkon on 2012-04-17
Quick easy experience. Great quality!!

by Anon on 2012-04-06
My daughter loves going to the dentist! Dr. Keller and his staff are friendly and fun
and the office is casual and beachy. We always have a good experience. The front
desk ladies are welcoming and easy to work with. Thank you!

by Anon on 2012-03-24
My son says Dr. Keller is his favorite doctor! Dr. Keller is always straight forward and
communicates well!

by Brooke Cardinale on 2012-03-16
Staff went up and beyond to help us out. Dr. Keller is so great with the kids. Everyone
was super friendly and thorough. We will definitely be coming back!

by Samantha Nichols on 2012-03-05
My kids will only see Dr. Keller; he was recommended to me by a Parent Connection
member back when I was unhappy with our former dentist. And now I don’t have to
look any more to discover a new pediatric dentist in Encinitas/Cardiff/Carlsbad
because I have already found the best! My kids are comfortable at his office and do
not fear going. As a complete chicken myself (when *was* my last appointment?), a
lack of fear (shall I even venture to say “enjoyment”?)is of the utmost importance to
me as a mom. Dr. Keller is gentle, kind, and takes the time to talk to the parents like a
peer. He is never condescending or preachy. As a parent himself, he understands
how difficult it can be to get kids to do the right thing. His office staff is top notch –
they are always very helpful and sincere when dealing with me.

by Anon on 2012-02-28
We ALWAYS have a great visit to the dentist. Dr. Keller rocks!! Thank you for making
our dental visits something my kids look forward to!! We love the new location and the
beautiful new office!!

by Anon on 2012-02-26
I feel confortable everytime I go to your office.

by Hannah Swarthout on 2012-02-24
What can I say? My daughters enjoy going to the dentist. They never ever have
complained about a bad experience. They both have been going to Dr. Keller for
years and look forward to their visit. I dreaded going to the dentist as a kid. Dr. Keller
talks to the girls and is always funny and does an excellent job every time.

by Hannah Swarthout on 2012-02-04
The BEST!Hannah has been going to Dr. Keller since 2002 and really enjoys it! She
looks forward to going to the dentist!

by Anon on 2012-01-31
We love Dr Keller and his great staff. His office is beautiful and we always appreciate
the great care and attention that Dr Keller gives to the kids. Highly recommend to

by Anon on 2012-01-23
As always the visit was great.

by Delaney Williams on 2012-01-21
We had a good visit….everyone was on time and we gor good feedback after the

by Michael Attisha on 2012-01-18
I love coming here. The staff and Dr Keller are so friendly and work so well with kids
and parents alike. When you move from another state, it’s hard to find a dentist for
children that you like but I know a good one when I find one and I will keep coming
back. The new location is beautiful too.

by Ronin Lach on 2012-01-17
Love this Dental office! They are great with children. My son had an abcess and had
to have the tooth removed. He showed no hesitation about going and having it done.
Afterwards it didn’t even phase him. If you want your child to have a good dental
experience it’s worth it to go here and see Dr. Keller. Rest of the staff is FAB!

by Anon on 2012-01-17
My Husband took our children to the dentist for the first time. We just move here from
the east coast. They said the staff and Dentist was sooooo cool and it was a
awesome appointment. The dentist explain everything to our children for them to
understand how important their teeth is. An we got a appointment within one week.

by Anon on 2012-01-17
Wonderful staff, very personable dentist and gorgeous facility!

by Jesse Dawson on 2012-01-16
My kids are always excited when its detist apt time! They love going to Dr. Kellers
office! Its full of fun games, treats, movies, delicous options…fun fun fun! Thank you
Dr Keller and staff for all you do!

by Anon on 2012-01-15
RJ’s dad took him to the last appointment, but I took Carly to the one before that with
Heather. We love her! She is so caring and gentle and always takes her time to put
the kids (and parents) at ease. Carly had an early dental experience with another
dental office that was negative and as a result is a bit fearful. I am happy to say that
EVERY experience with Dr. Keller and his staff has been positive for both of my kids.
I highly recommend this office to my friends and as well as the families that I work

by Anon on 2012-01-13
This was the second time at the dentist for my toddler, and everyone was great! My
daughter had a minor procedure done, and Dr. Keller was so nice and patient. I highly
recommend this practice!

by Nansea Guris on 2012-01-13
We absolutely love this place. Most people don’t say that about their dentist right?
Well this one diagnosed our son after our pediatrician couldn’t find the problem. He
consequently had his adnoids out, which was the culprit of his snoring, bags under
the eyes and lifted upper lip. He now sleeps through the night, doesn’t snore and is
minus the dark shadow under his eyes. Thanks to this wonderful dentist, Tom Keller
and his professional staff. I can’t say enough good comments about him… you won’t
be disappointed! Nansea Guris:)

by Anon on 2012-01-12
My daughters have gone to Dr. Keller for about 9 years. He has, over the years,
made them feel at ease with going to the dentist. Plus how can you beat such a cool
place to go! Video games and you get to watch a show while they work on your teeth.
I wanted to make an impression on my kids that they desire to take good care of their
teeth and Dr. Keller has really helped! Thx

by Anon on 2012-01-11
We just had our first appointment with Dr. Keller, and it completely exceeded our
expectations. Everyone was friendly and did a great job with my kids! My boys told
me never to switch Dentists!

by Anon on 2012-01-11
Dr. Keller and his team are awesome. Sometimes you will have to wait, but the
benefit is he will take his time with you and answer all of your questions. Great with
the kids and very patient. He’s a pretty good surfer, too.

by Fiona Bork on 2012-01-11
Dr Kellers office was extremely sensitive and professional with my 7 year old
daughter’s dental needs. They worked hard to form a plan that we all felt comfortable
with. The procedure went fantastic.

by Landon Pacetti on 2012-01-10
Dr. Keller and all the staff are absolutely amazing! They really spoil my son and treat
him so sweetly. I’m always impressed with the care he is given and can’t imagine
taking him anywhere else!

by Josie Overland on 2012-01-10
The staff is friendly and inviting. My daughters love going to the dentist.

by Audrey Mattson on 2012-01-10
I just first want to explain the amount stress my daughter puts on herself prior to going
to the dentist. She gets soo worked up and whatever I try she just puts this stress in
her heart and it is very hard to help her get reassured that everything will be ok. Well
thank goodness for Trisha!!!! This woman is a saint!!!! After over an hour of trying
everything to pull her tooth and watching my child crying and getting more scared
Trisha was the very calming and understanding person. I finally had to excuse myself
and let Trisha handle the situation and hopefully this would work because nothing
else was! And then finally……the tooth is out!!! I just want to thank Trisha again and all
of the staff for being so loving and patient!!! You guys are the BEST!!!! and Trisha….I
owe you!!!!

by Fiona Bork on 2011-12-31
We have been taking our two kids to Dr Keller for 4 years now. Have had a
complicated dental course with one of our children. Dr Keller has an amazing bed
side manner with parents and kids. Has been extremely sensitive to our needs and
has given both kids fantastic dental care.

by Hayley Tawatao on 2011-12-30
This was my 20-month-old’s first dental visit, and it was such a pleasant experience
for both of us. Everyone was so nice and warm from the second we walked in. My
daughter felt comfortable with everyone, so much so that she allowed them to take
x-rays and examine her teeth! Dr. Keller was great with my daughter. He gave his
honest opinion of what he recommended for my daughter (she had a chipped tooth),
and seemed like he genuinely cares. I would highly recommend this office!

by Anon on 2011-12-20
Service was excellent as usual! My kids LOVE Dr. Keller and his team.

by Anon on 2011-12-20
Dr. Keller and staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The child/teen friendly office is
pleasant and accomodating for kids, teens, and parents.

by Anon on 2011-12-16
I never been in such a fun and cool dentist before my kids love it! Super nice staff!
Thanks for make a plecent environment!!

by Jake Keller on 2011-12-15
My kids love going to see Dr. Keller! The office is very welcoming & kid-friendly from
the minute you step in the door. Dr. Keller is gentle, funny, engaging & has the ability
to always make my kids feel at ease. The video games & the TVs above the dental
chairs are a big hit, too! The assistants are very helpful & professional. I couldn’t ask
for a better all-around experience at the dentist!

by Anon on 2011-12-08
Dr. Keller is wonderful–a terrific dentist who doesn’t intervene unless necessary and a
kind and caring manner. Both of my girls actually look forward to going to the dentist!

by Anon on 2011-12-06
Dr. Keller and staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome.
Our toddler son just had a broken tooth that had to come out and they were all so
wonderful through what was a fairly traumatic experience for us! Their new office is
great and in such a fun location (in downtown Encinitas). The vibe is mellow and
conservative and I’ve never gotten the feeling that they’re trying to push things on us
that aren’t necessary. Both of our kids love going there and have never felt overly
scared or nervous to go (as I was when I was a kid) because it’s a very comforting
and calm office. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Keller and Dolphin Pediatric

by Gabrielle Leaming on 2011-12-06
Renee was wonderful. It is always a pleasant experience in your office with
EVERYONE. The people that work in your office are so nice & helpful, and the
enviroment is wonderful.

by Braden Watts on 2011-12-05
Everything went very smoothly and the staff could not have been kinder. We had a
great experience. Thank you!

by Anon on 2011-11-30
Amazing office, amazing staff, and amazing doctor!!! Been coming to this dentist with
my daughter since 2003 and very glad about that decision!

by Sophia Lake on 2011-11-16
The staff is amazing! Dr. Keller and the whole staff made the kids feel comfortable
and provided a thorough cleaning and exam.

by Michael Klein on 2011-11-16
We have been going to Dr. Keller since my son was a year old. Eight years later we
would go no where else. He is so terrific with kids. While that is important his staff is
equally competent with my on, supportive and positive in educating him on dental
health. A great practice!

by Julianna Harney on 2011-11-16
Once again you continue to show how special your group really is. From the time we
get there to the time we leave it is nothing but kid friendly and very professional. I
really appreciate the way you all take time to make my daughter feel comfortable and
relaxed and how well you work with her. Thanks for all your hard work. Dan

by Anon on 2011-11-14
My 3 1/2 year old sat through the entire check up. Surprisingly, he did not start trying
to get out of the chair until the last few minutes. This was his second visit. The first
visit was an introduction- see the office, see the equipment, sit in the chair, meet the
doctor and the staff, see the treasure chest and the toys. This visit was completely
different – he actually listened, got his teeth cleaned, flossed, and examined. He felt
comfortable. The staff were prompt, energetic, kind, informative, helpful, and
kid-friendly. Great experience!

by Anon on 2011-11-09
Tom Keller and his team of dental hygenists and office support staff at Dolphin
Pediatric Dentistry are the best! They care about your kids and consider the whole
child before diving into fix something, or not. No one does it better.

by Anon on 2011-11-09
Honest assessment of my son NOT NEEDING braces. Sure they may bridge a gap
here and there, but orthodontically my son’s mouth works fine as it is. To spend
$6000 would be for cosmetic reasons only. Thank you Dr. Keller for explaining,
reassuring, and not hard selling us on an unnecessary & expensive procedure.
Always a pleasant experience with friendly staff in a lovely setting.

by Anon on 2011-11-05
Dr. Tom is great. Been going to their office for 9 years and have had great care all

by Sheiva Brunst on 2011-11-04
Never fails when we visit Dr Kellers office we get the best first class experience all
around! thank you Dolphin Pediatric!! we’ll continue sending parents your way.

by Aimee Buc on 2011-11-03
Dr. Keller is great. We have been going to him since 2003 and have recommended
him again and again.

by Anon on 2011-10-31
We have been patients for 7 tears now. Went to the new office for the first time today
and it’s really great! Dr. Keller’s staff is always cheerful and helpful. The service from
the counter, to the dental hygienist, to the doctor was great as usual.

by Kevin Cooke on 2011-10-28
Nice office, great people, I appreciated the way they went out of their way to
encourage the kids to improve their flossing and brushing techniques.

by Hope Brunckhurst on 2011-10-28
This place is so kid friendly…and mom and dad friendly! Such a patient, kind,
thorough practice. We just adore everyone here and know we are in the best care.

by Matthew Yanik on 2011-10-23
Matthew has a really bad gag reflex and Rene was so awesome with him I can’t thank
her enough! We have tried to do the sealants on a couple of other occassions and
were not able to do them, but thanks to Rene we were able to.

by Paycee McMillan on 2011-10-17
Went to another dentist first, for my boys and it was a disaster. Dc. Keller and his staff
are awesome and wonderful with my kids. I recommend his dentist office all the time
to friends and to parents around my boys school. Can’t say enough about how great
they are!

by Anon on 2011-10-05
As always all of my children enjoyed their trip to Dr. Keller’s office.

by Anon on 2011-10-01
Great staff, always on schedule, friendly, responsive and very professional. Topped
off with an amazing Dentist who really knows kids and their teeth, what more can we
say? We love Dr. Keller!!

by Anon on 2011-09-07
My kids love the televisions in the ceiling with headphones so they can enjoy movies
while having their cleanings. The hygienists and dentist are always very easy to
understand — happy to discuss what they see going on in my kids’ mouths and put it
into layman’s terms. My daughter had a cavity in a tooth soon to come out. They
recommended waiting rather than pay to service the tooth. Nice to see they’re
considerate of our pocketbook!

by Anon on 2011-09-07
I have 3 young girls – 5,7,& 9 – and going to the dentist is never a fight. They actually
really enjoy it! Dr. Keller has created an atmosphere that helps the children relax, and
feel safe. The new facility is amazing! The staff is so kind, and we truly look forward to
seeing everyone at our 6 month check-ups. all around wonderful

by Anon on 2011-09-07
Dr Keller and his team are absolutely the BEST!! I have a 5 1/2 year old and twin 2
year olds. One of the 2 year olds was VERY scared of the whole dentist experience,
but, when we left, he actually said he wanted to go back!! They did what he could
tolerate and did not push him to the point of “no return”! I strongly recommend
Dolphin Pediatric Dentistry!!

by Anon on 2011-09-07
they worked us right in, and no charge to do a minor fix. we live near SDSU, and the
drive is far, but we continue to visit Dr. Keller and his excellent team — it’s worth it! my
son is 7yrs old now, and we’ve been going for 5 years. Dr. Keller and his team are
kind, informative, welcoming, and have your family’s best interest in mind.

by Samantha Ullman on 2011-09-06
State of the art practice in a charming office with a very sweet staff! Very
knowledgable doctor. Kids will be seeing these guys again!

by Anon on 2011-09-01
We have been seeing Dr. Keller now for about 8 1/2 years. He has always been
amazing– his bedside manner equally as wonderful as his skill. I love that Dr. Keller
can use ‘the sillies’ to ease my kids’ anxieties. And no matter their age, he gets right
down to their level and makes them feel totally comfortable. Dr. Keller’s staff is just
super as well. They are always friendly, and happily willing to answer a question or
lend a hand. I really appreciate their sincere care and concern for the patients and
their families. We wouldn’t want go to anyone else!

by Kaylynn Bennett on 2011-08-25
Dr. Keller is a great dentist. My kids always have a great experience. The video
games and tv’s in the ceiling definitely help. I really trust him, and that’s saying allot!
We went to several dentists before we found him. I highly recommend Dr. Keller!

by Hanna Venier on 2011-08-25
Today’s visit was wonderful. Hanna had anxiety because of a few teeth that need to
be taken out. Trisha made Hanna feel so comfortable. She has said in the past, the
tech was really hard on teeth and gums when cleaning and it hurt. Trisha took a lot of
time just talking to Hanna and giving her advise. When we left Hanna asked if we
could request Trisha for next visit! I’d say that was a pleasant appointment.

by Julianna Harney on 2011-08-17
Once again, Dr. Keller and his staff were fantastic! They make going to the dentist
with kids so easy. My daughter had to have a tooth pulled and was pretty nervous but
Dr. Keller and his group took the time to get her settled and were so patient and calm
with her. I really appreciate all that they have done for my daughter.

by Anon on 2011-08-16
Dr. Keller offered a solution to having wisdom teeth pulled too early. Instead of
surgery, he opted for a more conservative approach. We had my 13 yr old daughter’s
crown removed in order to make room for an impacted molar. Lets hope this does the
trick and holds off wisdom teeth removal for a few more years. Thanks Dr. Keller!

by Brian Mccorkle on 2011-08-12
Love Dr. Keller and his staff! Great environment and everyone is so friendly. Kids
LOVE going there and it is never stressful!

by Charles Hammerling on 2011-08-11
Dr Keller and his staff put my children totally at ease, including my two year old, who
had his first dentist appointment today. I felt confident that they had a very thorough
exam and cleaning, and they came away smiling. The new office is lovely, too. I
would highly recommend.

by Brianna Freeman on 2011-08-08
Great service and ambiance. Personell is very friendly

by Logan Baurle on 2011-08-04
We have used Dolphin Pediatric Dentistry for nine years now. Dr. Keller and his staff
provide a kid-centric friendly office environment with unparalleled service and a great
attitude. The staff is friendly, upbeat and always has the best interest of my kids at
heart. The practice is high tech with video games in the waiting room and TVs in the
ceiling above each patient’s chair. My kids actually look forward to going to the
dentist! We have never had a bad experience. Their proactive dental care philosophy
and meticulous attention to detail are the reasons I have recommended them to many
of my friends. You will not be disappointed with the experience!

by Anon on 2011-08-04
My little guy had a super time at his first dental visit! He played, sat on the floor and
eventually allowed the staff to inspect and clean his teeth! I am so pleased with the
visit! I think the staff made a great impression on him too. All day he has told anyone
who will listen about what happens at Dr. Keller’s office!

by Anon on 2011-07-28
Dr. Keller and his staff are the best! My kids actually look forward to dentist
appointments, which were something I dreaded when I was their age. I love how they
instruct the kids in ways to brush/floss better… my kids feel accountable and
responsible. The movie selection during the cleaning is an extra plus! Thanks for
another great experience today!

by Janie Overland on 2011-07-28
The staff and doctor are very friendly, professional and thorough. I feel that my
children are in the best hands at Pediatric Dentistry.

by Anon on 2011-07-21
Dr. Keller’s new office is as refreshing as his staff. Definitely not anything like the
dentist office I grew up going to! The staff is welcoming, comforting and
accommodating. They clearly love working with Dr. Keller. The new office located on
2nd ST in Encinitas is amazing! I just love the beach theme. Our visit was so efficient
that we actually had time to head to the real beach after our check up! Dr. Keller
takes the time in getting to know each patient and reaffirms the importance of basic
flossing and brushing in a manner every child can relate to. Dare I say we actually
look forward to our next visit!

by Anon on 2011-07-20
As always, Drs. Keller and Lugtu create a pleasant dental experience for our children.
They actually look forward to visiting their dentist. The new office is very kid-friendly
and comfortable.

by Anon on 2011-07-20
been going to dr keller for 11 years…always fantastic with the kids.

by Anon on 2011-07-15
The dentist is something my kids never look forward too, but everybody in this
practice actually makes it a fun experience!

by Anon on 2011-07-14
as always, great experience. couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

by Anon on 2011-07-14
Dr. Tom is the best!

by Anon on 2011-07-13
Dr. Keller truly is an amazing dentist… he is great with the kids & makes them feel
very comfortable… I live in temecula and drive to him just because he is soo great
with my kids. We have tried other dentists and there are not any as great as him!!

by Anon on 2011-06-29
My daughter (5) was nervous about going to her Dentist appointment today. The staff
is so friendly and PATIENT!! They took the time get to know her first and then
cleaned her teeth. They eased into it and this was much appreciated! I tell everyone
about this Dentist office because they amaze me! My daughter actually said she was
sad that she couldnt go back for 6 months!!! (NOT KIDDING!!)

by Anon on 2011-06-08
I took my 2 yr old daughter to get her chipped tooth fixed and had a very good
experience. She wasn’t very cooperative at first but the staff was so nice and sweet to
my daughter. It took a second visit to the dentist for her to feel ready. Everyone was
super nice and friendly!. Dr Keller is great with kids and answered all my questions.
They fixed her tooth perfectly. The office is very nice and comfortable, the children’s
play area is great. I recommend Dolphin pediatric dentistry all the way.!

by Avalon Schultz on 2011-06-08
As always, we love visiting Dr. Keller’s office! Great new place, too! If my HOME only
looked that good…..

by Anon on 2011-06-08
I was very worried about my 3 year old daughter’s first trip to the dentist since she
cannot stand brushing her teeth and resists at home, but Dr. Keller and his staff
worked miracles with her and she left with clean, cared for teeth saying the dentist
was “fun”!

by Samantha Armstrong on 2011-05-31
We love everyone at Dr. Keller’s office. Thank you for making my kids smile!!!!

by Anon on 2011-05-26
All Around Quality Care – Awesome With My Children From Start To Finish – Friendly
- Fun – Understanding – Compassionate -

by Anon on 2011-05-26
We love Dr. Keller! He is a wonderful dentist! He is great with kids! At my daughter’s
first visit (she was 3 yrs old), he made her feel so comfortable and he was very
patient with her. His staff is very kind and efficient! My kids have been his patients for
9 years!

by Curren Martin on 2011-05-26
It was a very comfortable experience for my 4 year old daughter.

by Anon on 2011-05-21
We have been going to Dr. Keller for 11 years now and we have never had a negative
experience. The kids love going to see him and his staff is very personable.

by Anon on 2011-05-19
My 3 year old had his first visit today with Dr. Keller. His office is clean, inviting, warm,
and fun. His staff is personable, kind, intuitive, and caring. They took their time to
show my son all the equipment and they allowed him to warm up to the office. Not
only was Dr. Keller competent, but he was funny, kind, and knew how to handle a
squirmy little boy, especially because he has 4 boys of his own. It was a very positive
experience. My son asked if he could go back to see Dr. Keller’s office soon later in
the day.

by Anon on 2011-05-19
As usual my kids were treated with love and care that only Dr. Keller and his staff can

by L Lathrop on 2011-05-11
Have never met a Dentist that made children feel more welcome or HAPPY to go see
THE DENTIST !! Fabulous Office STAFF also !!

by Mia Velarde on 2011-05-05
I have brought my children to Dr. Keller for the past 8 years and woudln’t think of
going anywhere else. Even my girls love going to the dentist. The staff is fun and
friendly and really makes my children feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Keller is very
thorough and explains to both myself and my children what he is looking for and how
well/not so well they are caring for their teeth. I would highly recommend Dr. Keller!!
We love this office!

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